Our sublimated sportswear All of our sublimated sportswear are GUARANTEED to never fade, crack or peel.

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About sublimation

What is Sublimation?

Dye sublimation is a process in which all design elements including logos, lettering, numbers, team names, sponsor logos, etc. are dyed directly into the fabric of the sports uniform. This has the advantage of being permanant, and actually becomes part of the fabric as opposed to screen printing which will eventually wear off and deteriorate. It also makes the uniform very light weight and breathable.

What do I need to do

If you have a design you are happy with we can either replicate your exisiting design or you can provide us with your image in an .EPS/.AI/.PSD file or any other high resolution electronic format. The better quality the image the better the print result will be.

If you do not have a design we can create a design for you. Give us an idea of what you have in mind and we will come up with a design to suit your needs.

Why OZTJ for your order.

Hi, My name is Tim. I am a graphic designer also the owner of a dye sublimation Garment Factory. So I can provide you with professional artworks and high-quality team uniforms at reasonable prices.

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